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Our ability to understand our clients' needs as they relate to the reality of the U.S. Latinos they seek to communicate with is unparalleled. We leverage our deep knowledge of the Hispanic community and trusted relationships ranging from grassroots leaders to media personalities to achieve our clients' goals.


Our craft draws from personal and professional experiences, languages, culture, and world views. We distill insight and know-how to produce tangible, measurable results that resonate among American Latinos. 


Our team is uniquely positioned to effectively craft strategies and campaigns that reflect and leverage language, culture, world views, and politics. 

We have a clear understanding of, and connection to, Latinos from all walks of life in addition to networks that extend in and out of Washington and key regions of the country. 



Maximizing Bilingual Media Coverage

>Worked closely with U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) and his team to secure local, national and international media.

>Illustrated the importance of the USSC members within the context of a “triangular” relationship between the U.S., Spain, and Latin America.

>Obtained premium earned media including EFE newswire services and Univision.

Every other year the U.S.-Spain Council hosts a forum in the United States convening high-ranking government officials, business leaders, policy experts to exchange and generate ideas of bilateral interest. The XX Annual Forum coincided with the 450th anniversary of the city of St. Augustine, the first European settlement in the today’s United States. Our main goal was to build up interest and secure Hispanic and Spanish language media coverage for the biannual event in a news heavy cycle, including an interview for U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) on Telemundo’s Sunday political show, Enfoque with José Díaz-Balart; a news package on Univision's weekend national news broadcast, Noticiero Fin de Semana; and broad coverage from EFE news wire service— which serves over 800 publications in the Latin America, Spain and the United States— that was picked up by dozens of print and online publications across the United States, the Americas and Spain. 

Latinizing the Climate Change Narrative

>Focused on the health effects of climate on families and loved ones.

>Shifted messaging toward immediate impacts of climate change.

>Obtained premium earned media, leveraged outreach events, engaged grassroots leaders, shaped Hispanic-focused bilingual messaging.

For the past few decades the environmental movement has focused political attention on the White middle class, messaging on species and habitat conservation, framed from a “protect our heritage” or “protect natural beauty” perspective. As the nation’s demographics have changed, the movement found itself talking to working-class minority voters who care about the environment, but were not inspired to take action. Our immediate goal was to educate Hispanics on the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. However, the long-term goal was to make environmental issues a top priority for Latino voters that affected their intention to vote and to actively participate in conservation causes. ProsperoLatino reframed the messaging to focus on the immediate impacts of climate change on the Hispanic community. Simultaneously, we started educating Spanish language media at all levels in key markets such as Chicago and Miami. The coverage has been exceptional both nationally and locally. We also leveraged our relationships with advocates for other issues, including immigration reform, to help disseminate the Hispanicized environmental message frame.

Bringing STEM Diversity to the Forefront

>Raised awareness for the SACNAS conference while elevating the issue of STEM diversity.

>Conducted proactive education and outreach to Latino reporters.

>Obtained optimal conference media coverage; op-ed placements across the country; premium earned media.

The leading Latino STEM professional and student organization in the U.S. sought to raise awareness for their annual conference in Hispanic media. Despite being a Latino-serving organization, they hadn’t conducted proactive media relations previously with Spanish language and Hispanic outlets. The organization’s mission and conference focus on increasing diversity within the federal workforce provided a unique opportunity to use their members' stories to highlight the need for STEM diversity across industries. Because the conference took place in Washington, DC, ProsperoLatino identified key local and national Spanish language media outlets within the Beltway and beyond. This included proactive education and outreach to Latino reporters using the call to action for increased STEM diversity at the federal level as a hook. We also gathered stories from student and professional members to provide a human interest angle, and developed culturally and linguistically appropriate print and online press materials. Resulting media coverage included interviews on Entravision’s Sunday political show Perspectiva Nacional and Radio Bilingüe's Línea Abierta, the leading Latino public radio network in the country. 


Clients we have worked with include:

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