Clinton Latino Operation, Going Beyond Obama In ‘12, Readies Final Trump Battle Plan | Buzzfeed

In 2012, the Obama campaign’s deputy Latino vote director Alida Garcia was frustrated that, while the campaign had Hispanic operatives training staff, it would not commit to the hiring of a full-time Latino vote director and a more robust program in Ohio.

“You have to explain that their vote does matter and here’s why: ‘Your city in Ohio, your rural town in Iowa, will make the difference in us not electing Donald Trump,’” [Democratic strategist Maria Cardona] said.

But it won’t be enough to simply win, said former Harry Reid senior advisor Jose Parra, who hopes Clinton, with the Latino vote at her back, can run up the score.

“For everybody sake, including Republicans pissed at Trump, we need to win by a very clear margin,” he said. “Sane Republicans need to go back to the RNC saying ‘[Trump’s strategy] might work in a gerrymandered district in Alabama but it’s going to turn us into a regional party.’ It has to be a convincing win for Democrats. A one or two-point win and she’s going to inherit a fractured country.”

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