The woman tasked with selling Donald Trump to Latinos may have the toughest job in politics | LA Tim

It would be hard to find a more potent example of the Latino success story than Helen Aguirre Ferre.

So it was more than a big leap, and nothing less than a shock to many who know her, when Aguirre Ferre cast aside her sharp criticism of Donald Trump to become his chief marketer to the nation’s Latino voters.

It may be one of the toughest jobs in politics. Aguirre Ferre, director of Hispanic Communications for the Republican National Committee, has to appear on television defending a man she once compared to a “street dog” and explaining him to deeply skeptical Latino voters.

Aguirre Ferre -- 58 and well-liked on both sides of the aisle -- didn’t seem to need the headache at this stage of her career.

“That’s a mistake that I would have expected a 25-year-old to make,” said Jose Dante Parra, a Democratic strategist who headed Latino outreach for Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid and has frequently debated Aguirre Ferre on her radio show.

“I can’t for the life of me figure what her end game is. And she can’t be effective when she goes on Hispanic media,” he added, “she has to spend half the time defending her past very strong criticism of Donald Trump.”

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