Years before Mexican comments, Trump said Castro was sending criminals to U.S. | Buzzfeed

Four years before Donald Trump roiled the presidential race by announcing that Mexico was sending criminals and rapists — their worst — to the U.S., he appeared to suggest Fidel Castro had hatched a similar gambit.

Speaking on Laura Ingraham’s radio show in 2011, Trump took a rhetorical tact that will be familiar to anyone paying even a passing interest to the 2016 presidential election.

Jose Parra, a Democratic strategist from Florida who served as a senior adviser to Sen. Harry Reid, argued the comments leave no doubt that Trump doesn’t just have it out for Mexicans.“Now we know that when he says Mexicans, he means all Hispanics,” Parra said. “He was talking about Cubans in this case… the issue is Hispanics not Mexicans. It’s immigrants period.”

To read the entire article on Buzzfeed, click here.

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