Trump and his future relationship with Cuba after the death of Fidel | Univision.com

While Trump’s global vision for Latin America is non-existent, Cuba has taken center stage as a defining issue for the incoming administration. Fidel Castro’s death will have repercussions beyond U.S. foreign policy, no doubt influencing domestic U.S. policy considering the Cuban American community’s political engagement in South Florida.

The prospect of rolling back advances in Cuba relations is not just bad policy in and of itself, but will have negative repercussions across Latin America. Already the business community is extremely anxious about the prospect of a policy reversal and is currently courting Trump to continue Obama’s course with Cuba. Just this week American Airlines started a regularly scheduled flight between Miami and Havana. Trump’s business instincts will be pitted against political expediency, a tug-of-war that will test the new president in more ways than one.

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