Miami Native and Prospero Latino CEO on Miami-Dade Commission Vote to Work with Trump Administration

Washington, DC— José Dante Parra, a proud Miamian and Prospero Latino CEO issued the following statement after the Miami-Dade Commission voted 9-3 to eliminate the county’s sanctuary protections for immigrants. Over half of the Miami-Dade County population is foreign born (51% in 2010):

“While it was heartening to see a long line of people-- including Muslims, Latinos of all backgrounds, and members of the LGBT community-- express their support of immigrants and sanctuary protections at today's Miami-Dade Commission hearing, the commissioners blatantly ignored their constituents. It’s both painful and shameful that the Miami Dade-County Commission caved to President Donald Trump’s order to tear families apart. The overwhelming vote to drop Miami-Dade County’s sanctuary protections is out of step with our community and its history. The United States is a land of immigrants and nowhere is it more evident than in my community: from Hialeah to Miami Beach to Sweetwater. There isn’t a place in the U.S. more welcoming of immigrants than South Florida, as it was to me.

"Today’s vote signals something far more dangerous than rescinding a simple policy. The actions of the Miami-Dade Commission— led by Mayor Carlos Giménez, who is an immigrant himself— signal how deep the hateful and divisive rhetoric that got President Trump to the White House is systematically ripping away at the fabric of our society.

"Now more than ever we must come together to fight against any policy that keep children from attending school, fearful they will be deported, or turns their parents' work commute into a dreadful experience, as a traffic stop could result in family separation. We must raise our voices to fight for the voiceless. We must make America safe for all again.”


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