[Op-ed] Trump’s local enablers should reject his hurtful policies | Miami Herald

This op-ed was originally posted in the Miami Herald on August 30, 2017. Below an excerpt:

[Attorney General Jeff] Sessions was the original alt-right senator. Then, he was seen as an outlier within his party, but nobody dared criticize him, either. Now, as attorney general, he is no longer just the annoying uncle, and he is using all of his law-enforcement power to reengineer the nation’s demographics as much as he can, much as the neo-Nazis and white supremacists who descended on Charlottesville, Virginia, want.

What is even more disappointing is the complicity of so many in support of this administration. Too many people in this community know from their own personal pain that for every vocal proponent of a heinous idea, there were silent enablers behind the scenes.

At this point we should not expect any leadership or healing from Trump; he has shown where his heart is and his compassion lies. But there is still time for those individuals who have been enablers, to find their moral north.

Read the entire op-ed here.

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