Trump and Democrats gambling on each other, hoping their core supporters will trust them to cut deal

President Trump, by his second deal in as many weeks with Democratic leaders, has upended the political calculations of both of their parties: Many Republicans are left fuming of his betrayal, while some Democrats have begun warning party leaders against getting too cozy with a president they vow to resist.

“They’re negotiating with someone that we don’t trust," said Angel Padilla, policy director for Indivisible, an anti-Trump group that claims 6,000 chapters, speaking of the Democratic congressional leaders, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco.

Immigration advocates worry especially about allowing the Dreamers to become part of broader negotiations over tougher immigration enforcement, as Trump has proposed.

“They can’t feel like they’re being used as a bargaining chip for anything,” said Jose Dante Parra, a former Senate Democratic leadership aide who now heads a consulting firm called Prospero Latino. “If the deals really do benefit most people, if they can make that argument, I think they’ll be OK.”

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