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American Latinos represent the new political, economic, and cultural mainstream in the U.S. With a purchasing power worth more than $1.3 trillion, Hispanics are not only growing in numbers, but influence and clout as well. The brands and organizations we've worked with that proactively cultivated a genuine relationship with Latinos not only had the upper hand. Paired with our home court advantage, they've created win-win situations that have increased awareness, exposure, and reshaped perceptions.


Prospero Latino executes a full range of services based on our clients' unique needs. Whether it's strategic business and political consulting, branding, crisis management, research, media buying, corporate communications, or media relations, we will craft a solution that hits the mark.

Our mission is to create relevant messaging and strategies that resonate among American Latinos and reach our clients' goals. We leverage language, tone, and perspective to ensure the community cares about or take action on a specific issue. We achieve this by eliminating, and subsequently preventing, communications barriers. While clients must be aware of the localized Latino point of view on an issue, Hispanics also need to understand why the issue matters to them in a tangible way. 


Strategic Consulting

From campaigns and advocacy strategies to brand positioning and rapid response, we will help you reach your goals.  

Political Communications

We know the ground game because we live it. Our experience spans different kinds of campaigns and election cycles. 

Account Services

Whatever the need, we have your back: drafting content, scheduling ad buys, getting radio or print quotes. 

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Digital Services

From crafting editorial calendars and curating content to designing socially-driven campaigns, we can help you widen your digital reach.

International Affairs

Our knowledge of Latin America is intimate, accurate, and insightful. Whether it's bridging markets or entering a new market, we can help.

New Markets

We can help you plan and implement a growth strategy to develop new markets and expand your business or brand.

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